Business Whatsapp API Enabled

Whatsapp has become a lifeline for businesses so they want automation in Whatsapp. Only Whatsapp API business account can be configured with auto messaging on different instances. But getting the Whatsapp API integration, you need to get a big size software developed. Here LMSBaba™ Lead Management Solution (LMS) enables you to get auto messaging on Whatsapp. You can setup notifications on various transaction like Lead acknowledgement, quotations, proposals & performa invoice etc. Please note that Whatsapp Business API is a 3rd party service & LMSBaba™ will enables you to integrate your API Key.

This will make your business development process extra smart and fast too.

Business WhatsApp API is a solution that enables businesses to communicate with their customers using WhatsApp. This API allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their existing customer communication channels, such as customer service and support, sales, and marketing.

With Business WhatsApp API, businesses can automate and streamline customer interactions, respond to customer inquiries in real-time, and provide a more convenient and personalized customer experience. The API supports both inbound and outbound messaging, enabling businesses to send and receive messages from their customers using WhatsApp.

The API is available to approved businesses and is typically accessed through WhatsApp authorised service providers across world. Businesses can use the API to build custom integrations, or use pre-built templates and tools to quickly set up and start using WhatsApp for customer communication.

By using Business WhatsApp API, businesses can tap into the growing popularity of WhatsApp as a communication channel and reach a wider audience of customers. The API provides a convenient and secure way for businesses to communicate with their customers and can help increase customer satisfaction and engagement.