Purchase Order Management

Our Lead Management Solution provides PO (Purchase Order) Register which gives you complete insight of your sales orders. It gives you very comprehensive downloadable report and details of quotation, purchase orders, TDS deductions, proforma invoices, tax invoices and payment terms. Pending Payment followup is itself a tedious task. Here, LMSBaba™ gives you complete insight about your credit payment to be received on time.

A PO (purchase order) management module in a CRM system is a software tool that helps companies manage the process of purchasing goods or services from suppliers. The module typically provides features such as:

  1. Order creation: The ability to create and send purchase orders to suppliers.
  2. Order tracking: The ability to track the status of orders, including if they have been received, approved, or shipped.
  3. Supplier management: The ability to manage and store information about suppliers, including contact information and payment terms.
  4. Approval workflows: The ability to set up approval workflows for purchase orders, so that they can be reviewed and approved by relevant personnel before being sent to the supplier.
  5. Reporting: The ability to generate reports on purchase orders, including information such as order history, spending trends, and supplier performance.
The PO management module in a CRM can help companies improve their purchasing processes by streamlining the order creation and tracking process, reducing manual errors, and providing visibility into their spending and supplier relationships.