Rule Based Auto Lead Distribution

Our Lead Management Solution integrates LEAD APIs of various lead sources. But only syncing leads not solves the actual problem. Lead distribution among the sales team in run time is also important. LMSBaba™ is integrated with all possible rules to distribute leads to the sales team.

  1. Lead distribution on round-robin basis: If you set the round-robin rule then it will distribute leads in equal quantity to each sales person.
  2. Keyword / Product wise Lead distribution: If your business requires leads to be distributed as per the selling skills of sale person then you can set this rule which automatically identify the respective leads and distribute to the skilled one.
  3. Indian City Wise Lead Distribution: If your business is hyper local or you have city based offices then you can opt this rule & define which sales person will process which Indian city’s leads. LMSBaba™ CRM will start distributing leads as per your instructions.
  4. Indian State Wise Lead Distribution: As like city wise distribution, you can define Indian state wise lead distribution rules. Branch offices will start getting leads as per their respective Indian state.
  5. Country Wise Lead Distribution: If your company is in export or domestic & Export both then LMSBaba™ can identify both type of leads and distribute as per the instruction.

This feature resolves the problem of people dependency to distribute leads & delay in responses. In general buyers connect with multiple sellers through online medium and the seller who connect 1st with the buyer always gets benefits so it is very important to assign lead to the sales team for action as soon lead has been capture in CRM.

Benefits of using a rule-based lead distribution system:
  1. Increased Efficiency: Rule-based lead distribution automates the process of assigning leads, saving time and reducing the chances of human error.
  2. Improved Lead Allocation: By using specific criteria to assign leads, companies can ensure that the right leads are being sent to the right sales reps, improving the likelihood of conversion.
  3. Increased Sales: By providing sales reps with high-quality leads that are well-matched to their skills and interests, companies can increase the chances of closing deals and improving overall sales performance.
  4. Better Lead Management: Rule-based lead distribution can help companies better manage their leads by tracking lead assignments and providing visibility into the sales pipeline.
It's important to note that while rule-based lead distribution can be an effective tool, it should be part of a larger, well-designed lead management process that takes into account the specific needs and goals of the company.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) - Rule Based Auto Lead Distribution

1. What is rule-based lead distribution?

Rule-based lead distribution is a method of automatically assigning leads to sales reps based on pre-defined criteria.

2. What criteria can be used in rule-based lead distribution?

The criteria used in rule-based lead distribution can vary, but commonly include factors such as geographic location, industry, product interest, and lead source.

3. How does rule-based lead distribution work?

Rule-based lead distribution works by automatically assigning leads to sales reps based on the criteria that have been set. The leads are assigned as soon as they enter the system, eliminating the need for manual assignment.

4. What are the benefits of rule-based lead distribution?

The benefits of rule-based lead distribution include increased efficiency, improved lead allocation, increased sales, and better lead management.

5. Is rule-based lead distribution the same as round-robin lead distribution?

Round-robin lead distribution is a specific type of rule-based lead distribution that assigns leads to sales reps in a rotating fashion, one lead at a time.

6. Can rule-based lead distribution be customized?

Yes, rule-based lead distribution can be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of a company. The criteria used for lead assignment can be adjusted as needed, and new criteria can be added or removed as needed.

7. Is rule-based lead distribution effective?

The effectiveness of rule-based lead distribution can vary depending on various factors, such as the quality of the leads, the sales process, the industry, and the company's goals. However, many companies have found that rule-based lead distribution can be an effective tool for improving lead allocation and overall sales performance.